Welcome to our Site

We're the BRForgers, a team of modders that are coming with a lot of new things in hand, from Magic to Decoration, we're giving our best to deploy the best mods.

The Team

Our team is currently composed by: TheFreeHigh, Armelin, Whyssky, Mint and Wesley. With Armelin's effort, the team have slowly been created. TheFreeHigh joined, helping everyone's mods, as also making the BRFoundation, originally a fork of his "TFHCore". Rennan is creating a main mod, named "Dynamic Craft", which is becoming awesome. Wesley came recently, but because of some personal problems, he's currently retired. Without everyone, this wouldn't be possible. We're a team, looking forward to new ideas and mods.

Our mods

Our mods follows a standard: Be Open-Source, Clean and Inovattive. We don't want a "+5000 Ores that craft +5000 Weapons and Tools" mod. Rather than that, we want mods that solve our problems (Like Architect's Friend or BRFoundation), creates a new way to solve it (Like Industrial Expansion), or even create new problems and then new solutions (Like DynamicCraft). Our mods aren't a copy of a old one, but rather a reimagination of them.


Here you can get easily to our mods. Click on the Title to go to the Mod page or the Widget to go to Curse for downloading.


BRForgersCore is our Common Core Mod. It have a lot of Shared Classes, which came from internal requests for Helper Classes

Architect's Friend

Architect's Friend is a Chisel-Like Mod, made by TheFreeHigh with Armelin Textures. It adds a lot of building blocks, mostly colored ones.

Industrial Expansion

Industrial Expansion is a Thermal Expansion Addon, which adds the Industrialcraft² Concepts to Thermal Expansion. It's currently in Beta.

Dynamic Craft

Dynamic Craft is a Brand new Magic Mod, made by Rennan with help of Mint and TheFreeHigh, which adds the concept of a Dynamic Pearl that can convert it's power to dissolve items to it's essence.

PoopSeeds (Bukkit)

Support or Contact

Having trouble with the Mods? Go to the Mod's Issue Tracker and post yours. We will help you with your issue ASAP. Rather than that, if you want to contact us for other reasons, send a message on TheFreeHigh's Skype (thefreehigh). Also, notice we're not accepting new members even if you contact us. Also, we're not taking a Mod Request (except if anyone take your idea, but don't expect credit).