The Coremod of the Team

BRForgersCore is the Coremod of the Team. Used in most Mods made by us, including some personal projects unrelated to the Team.


Based originally on TheFreeHigh's TFHCore, it brings helper classes for the modders in and out of the team. In the project's repository wiki, it have everything you need to use it for your needs.


It have some cool features as a Mod...

  1. A Lightweight version of WAILA, "LiMI", by Vazkii, as a Module
  2. A Bunch of easter-eggs in the Log. You should read, and laugh of how ridiculous it gets.

...and a Lot of Functions to others mods...

  1. A Ton of Helpers (As a v1.3, 8 helpers, 2 managers, and counting...)
  2. Inter-Mods Compat made easier.


Also, if you are a developer, you might want to check out the GitHub Releases, as they contain what you'll need for modding with the BRForgersCore.

Want a Feature for the Core? Create a Issue in the Repository, then hope for the best(We usually pick feature requests to the Core Mod :P).